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Our Process

Kingsway Manor provides the best of aesthetics, design, and safety. Our approach is holistic and backed by years of experience building luxury, bespoke homes. 


Begin the journey of owning your dream home by taking the first step and scheduling an initial free consultation with our design experts. Together, we will discuss, discover and collaborate on the type of home you want to create. 


At the time of consultation our experts will update on the most up-to-date trends, materials, construction planning and budgeting and other vital considerations.



Once the agreement and other formalities are complete, the journey of designing your dream home begins. Our architectural team will present design concepts based on previously defined dream home criteria. 


Creating a luxurious and efficient living space that fits all the needs of your lifestyle is a top priority for our interior design team. 
In addition to your indoor space, our team will leverage landscaping to conceptualize an outdoor space that is timeless, functional and enjoyable for everyone in the family.



We take care of all the required permits and when needed, do everything we can to to responsibly expedite the process. 



Finally, it's time to build. Using experienced and professional subcontractors,  premium materials and the most advanced construction techniques. All trades assigned to our projects have the required liability and WSIB insurance. 

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